Slate effect, prestigious and elegant.

All the material strength of stone lives again in this new porcelain stoneware series, which takes its inspiration from natural slate and makes it even more prestigious and welcoming. Angers, produced with Advance technology, brings safety to any environment without neglecting the aesthetic side. Available in refined and contemporary nuances – Dark, Grey, White, Ivory, Taupe and Olive – with timeless beauty.

Couleurs et finitions

Formats disponibles

60x120 rett.24”x48” Nat. Ret.
60x120 rett.
24”x48” Nat. Ret.
100x100 rett.
40"x40" Nat. Ret.
60x60 rett.24”x24” Nat. Ret.
60x60 rett.
24”x24” Nat. Ret.
30x60 rett.12”x24” Nat. Ret.
30x60 rett.
12”x24” Nat. Ret.

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