Today, the concept of beauty is inextricably linked to that of safety, security and respect for the environment.
Il Cerreto ADVANCE®, with its delicacy and deep grooves, can combat viruses, bacteria and pollution.
The outstanding features of the finest wines, such as Soave, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, as well as Champagne and Amarone, are preserved in barrels made of turkey oak. The Il Cerreto series is inspired by this special, warm, highly resistant and compact wood with an unusual texture, which starts out life from an acorn, symbolising the constantly evolving nature of the turkey oaks growing in the woods of southern Italy.

Colours and Finishings

Available formats

60x120 rett.24”x48” Nat. Ret.
60x120 rett.
24”x48” Nat. Ret.
100x100 rett.40
100x100 rett.
40"x40" rect
60x60 rett.24”x24” Nat. Ret.
60x60 rett.
24”x24” Nat. Ret.
30x60 rett.12”x24” Nat. Ret.
30x60 rett.
12”x24” Nat. Ret.

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